Apprenticeship in Canada

For decades, society has been groomed to pursue post secondary education as a means to a successful career and life style. Society, during its push for ‘educated youth’, has placed less value on ‘blue collar workers’ or those individuals in the trades. This trend has contributed to a serious shortage of skilled ‘blue-collar workers’. The shortage in skilled trades will continue and is expected to soar in the next five to ten years.

Employment in skilled trades offers broad opportunities to individuals who are concrete thinkers, practical problem solvers and inventors. These individuals are ideal as they are able to problem solve in practical ways rather than through academics. The challenge for the labour market of Canada and its’ employer community represents an opportunity for Aboriginal people to assist Canada in meeting skill demands while achieving success in employment that is meaningful and long term.

Apprenticeship in Ontario is not a solution for all economic difficulties faced by Aboriginal people in Ontario. It is a viable option for many Aboriginal individuals who learn by interacting with knowledgeable people who pass on the skills by conversation and practical application.
This method has been used by Aboriginal cultures to pass on their knowledge, which in turn serves the community.