1. Implement a comprehensive strategic framework for action that addresses the identified problems facing Aboriginal people in gaining employment in the skilled trades;
  2. Strengthen the relationships among and within all sector stakeholder groups and senior levels of government;
  3. Secure core financial resources for the implementation of the Ontario-based Aboriginal Apprenticeship Strategy;
  4. Fortify all sector disciplines working and interacting cohesively and collaboratively to create greater accountability and effectiveness;
  5. Reinforce a dynamic and effective communications network across and between community sectors;
  6. Promote and respect the diversity and differences amongst people and organizations;
  7. Increase public education and awareness of apprenticeship programs.




  • Solicits the appointment of representatives to the Partnership Advisory Committee;
  • Acts as spokesperson for the Ontario-based Aboriginal Apprenticeship Strategy;
  • Seeks appropriate funding;
  • Defines strategies and priorities;
  • Reviews and updates plans;
  • Lobbies policy makers, public opinion leaders and stakeholders at the provincial and federal levels;
  • Evaluates the implementation plan and prepares an annual report on activities and progress.